What's In My Balenciaga Tote?

What's In My Balenciaga Tote?

I carry this more often than I would like to admit but it is perfect for everyday and when you have ton to get done. I never have been a fan of tote bags but I really needed a bag for work. However, I needed mine to be different and that’s where my hunt began for the perfect tote bag.

 I stumbled across this bag when Balenciaga released their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. I was immediately drawn to it because it was bold and made a statement. My goal was to make a statement with my coat when traveling throughout the day. So, the pop of red was perfect.

Now, I still carry it pretty much everyday with all of my essentials. I’m impressed how the leather has held up and it has gotten better with more of a distressed look. 


Check out my YouTube video above where I give all the details and where you can still find this tote.


Cicely Ryan

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