I’m so glad you could join me! As we embark on this fashion journey together. This is more than fashion for me this is answering the call of purpose and passion. We will be discussing all things fashion including seasonal trends, designers I admire, inspiration, and some of my favorite looks along the way.

Along, this journey we will be discovering what is “Behind the Name” which is what makes you uniquely you through fashion. So, let’s dig deep for a second while I tell you what is behind my name and what Cicely Ryan actually means. 

Cicely means blindness to beauty which I translate to “Blindness of Vanity”.  This encompasses me to my core while I love fashion I have learned not to let it define my identity or lust after material things. The most important qualities to me are that my heart and actions are pure. Therefore, I don’t lean on vanity because beauty is fleeting and can be misleading. 

Now, that we have dissected the name Cicely, let’s take a look at Ryan which means king. I denote king as royal and in Christ we belong to a royal priesthood.  We literally become “Present in Royalty” when we belong to him. Once we gain our rightful identity beyond a brand name or fashion label we are then able to characterize ourselves as Royals.

So, as we journey together in the absence of vanity and walk in our royal identity we will discover all things fashion that meet a royal standard.

“Absence of Vanity, Present in Royalty”

Yours Truly,

Cicely Ryan

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