Save v. Splurge Alexander Wang Handbag

Save v. Splurge Alexander Wang Handbag

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  As we are getting closer to warmer and dry days's been excessive rainy days here in NY.  Anyhow, it's time to consider what we are buying for the spring/summer season While some things are worth the splurge and rightfully so some are not. I often times go back and forth on purchasing a dupe or the real thing. This typically comes into question when it is a really trendy item that I know I won't keep forever. Now one side of me considers purchasing the real thing and re-sale it on a consignment website. Alternatively, I think I would rather save some of my coins on something season less and purchase the dupe. Then put the coins I saved towards a timeless shoe.

  I found myself considering a dupe when I made this really cool rhinestone embellished t-shirt but I wanted a handbag to bring it to life. You know how we get when we have an idea in mind and you really want to see that look come to life. Well that's where this whole dilemma began to save or splurge on the real handbag for my customized t-shirt.

  I knew I wanted to showcase the craftsmanship of my t-shirt and needed the right accessory that will give it what was needed. So, the hunt began and I discovered the Alexander Wang rhinestone hand bag. I absolutely loved it but  I knew I would not wear it often or even still want the same aesthetic next season. Therefore, my cost per wear was going to really high and I could not justify that. 

 If you are not familiar with "cost per wear" let's break it worries that's what I'm here for. It is the methodology of breaking down the initial upfront cost of a garment by how many times you're actually going to wear it. So, if the item is $100 and you wear it 100 times then you're cost per wear is $1. It's important that math is mathing, lol. The hand bag I discovered was $695 and honestly I've spent more on handbags. However, I knew this would not be one I would wear so it just didn't make since to purchase for my closet because ultimately that's where it would spend most of it's time. This is what led to my decision to buy the dupe and as a designer I'm typically not a fan but I knew this bag wouldn't get much use.

  So, I hope this helps when you are deciding on your next splurge whether it is a handbag or any other garment you are adding to your wardrobe. Check out the dupe in my photo above.  Let me know if the comments if you would splurge or go with the dupe.




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