How to style your corduroys pants!

How to style your corduroys pants!

Growing up in Chicago I never enjoyed the cold weather. However, I learned to have fun with fashion and lessen the dissatisfaction of the cold weather blues.

So, now I keep corduroys in my closet as a staple. Whether they are wide leg, straight or flared. Not to mention you can actually dress them up for an evening out. This can be done by wearing them with an off the shoulder or cropped sweater. Also, a soft textured blouse with a bootie or pump.

Another great benefit of wearing corduroys they actually keep you warm. So, no need for all the layers with these when you are trying to escape a brisk breeze. 

Looking for corduroys to add to your wardrobe? Here are some styles that are worth checking out.


Flared Corduroy 

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Skinny Corduroys 

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I picked up wide leg corduroys from HM a few seasons ago. I enjoyed styling these for evening dinner with my girlfriends. I love they are forgiving especially since we are approaching the holidays. Let me know how you plan on styling yours?



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