How To Style Your Black Blazer

How To Style Your Black Blazer

This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet! It’s honestly my go to. Not only is it easy but it elevates the look and adds a 3rd piece to any look. The one I’m wearing in this photo is a long boyfriend blazer with gold buttons and high shoulder. I purchased it on When wearing my blazer I always feel I am ready to own the room and it keeps you ready if you have impromptu lunch or meeting. I've added a link below to purchase a similar blazer.

Look 1: Blazer, Body Suit, Skinny Jeans, Thigh High Boots

This is perfect for a date night or brunch with the girls. Give you a clean yet, comfortable and modern look.

Look 2: Blazer, body suit, Joggers, Chunky Ankle Boot

Adding joggers to your blazer isn't only relaxed but great when you want to elevate a casual garment by pairing them both together. It is gives off an effortless vibe and we love that!

Look 3: Blazer, Body Suit, Leggings, Pump

So, this look is a tad bit on the sexy side and honestly I'm here for it! If you have an upcoming date and you want to be sexy yet have an added layer to keep you covered then this is it. Also, keep this look in mind for an evening show such as a musical or play.

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