How To Find Your Personal Style

How To Find Your Personal Style

Let’s do some lifestyle work today. Discovering your personal style I typically like to start with how I want to present myself whether it is in business or personally in my lifestyle. To figure this out we need to determine how we typically spend your day. I rather not put myself in categories or others but sometimes it's helpful to narrow down your preferences. So, let's begin!

Please keep in mind each by of these categories mentioned maybe some that we will find ourselves moving in and out of regularly. Don't feel forced into any one thing.  For example, the "Lady Who Lunch" and likes to take a more traditional approach to her style. I like to call her my High Tea lady, because this lifestyle affords you a little more time for leisure.  Also, she usually prefers a dress over jeans and a handbag over a fannypack. Typically she isn't in a seen a flat too often.

Next up, would be one of my personal favorites and that’s "Tomboy Chic". This style is for those of us who are ready to meet up with friends at a moment’s notice and style is  all about creating a vibe wherever we go. She loves a ripped jean with a sneaker or bootie. Then paired with a graphic tea and cool leather jacket.

We can’t forget the "Comfy Lady" and I get it. Who wants to compromise their comfort when they have things to do?! For those of us who are always on the go and the kids may be in tow we need clothes that we can move in, literally.

Now, the "Minimalist" lady is usually for my entrepreneurs who never know when they are taking a meeting with a client or pitching their business. Creating a clean palette really does help you stay ready for business no matter the occasion.

Finally, we have the "More Is More" style. Simply put it’s fun and you really can allow your creativity to shine. You are adding one thing on before you leave the house instating taking one thing off. You are true fashionista at heart and always ready to play in clothes. The world is truly your runway no matter what you are doing or where you are going.



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