5 Tips to Use When Shopping for Jeans

5 Tips to Use When Shopping for Jeans

When shopping for jeans it is not always an easy feat but I have outlined a few things I like to stick to when I shop for new jeans. Honestly, jeans just don't fit the same after 30 and every style doesn't work for your body type. 

After childbirth, weight gains and losses we find ourselves shopping for new jeans at some point in our lives. As for me, I had significant weight loss in my 30s after changing to a pescatarian lifestyle. So, no matter where you are on this journey of life I hope these tips help when you purchase your next pair of jeans.

Shopping Tips

1. If you try on jeans and you notice they go on easily, I suggest going down.  A little tug to get into the jean is not bad because denim stretch with wear.

2. Your waistband should be snug. Rule of thumb: If you can fit two fingers down the back then you have a winner. If you are able to fit your whole hand then they are too loose. Now, if you are only able to fit one or no fingers, they are too tight.

3. To ensure you have a nice firm fit make sure there is no grab room at the crotch. They should loosen with wear.

4. When looking for good quality denim with a lot of stretch find a pair that has memory. This means they will go back to its original fit.

5. Don't be afraid of alteration-most department stores offer this service complimentary. If you are having trouble with getting your jeans altered, try Nordstrom if you are struggling for the perfect fit. When you are trying to determine what to get altered consider adjusting the waistband, the hem or even slimming the leg.

Happy Shopping! Let me know if these tips helped in the comments below

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